11.4-Channel AV Receiver

Experience the Elite. Prepare for an immersive home entertainment affair with the Elite VSX-LX805 11.4-Channel Network AV Receiver. Boasting next-gen technology and brimming with studio-grade circuitry, the VSX-LX805 has been engineered to satisfy your every AVR need.
Elite VSX LX805 on Dark Moody TV Console Golden 2000x2000
Elite VSX LX805 on Dark Moody TV Console Golden 1920x934

The gold standard in premium audio

Our audio prowess stems from premium componentry and studio-level processing, but our objective has always been to deliver world-class home entertainment solutions to discerning home theater enthusiasts. We’ve spared no expense in bringing the Elite VSX-LX805 to market, enhancing past successes and leveling-up features for the modern age.

Elite VSX LX805 Closeup on Back Panel 2000x2000
Elite VSX LX805 Closeup on Back Panel 1920x934

150 Watts, 11 channels

The VSX-LX805 is engineered to support 11 channels amplified in a 7.2.4 configuration at 150 Watts per channel (8 ohms). Simply put, that’s a lot of power.

Pioneer Zones Indicated

Powering up to three distinct zones

With this much power, you can enjoy home audio or theater in three distinct zones simultaneously without worrying about zone switching. So sit back and relax with some jazz while the kids watch a movie in the theater room and the grandkids are gaming in the family room.

Elite VSX LX805 with Jamo System in Living Room Hero 1920x934
Elite VSX LX805 with Jamo System in Living Room Hero 1920x934

Expertly engineered for the discerning customer

The Elite VSX-LX805 has been through rigorous testing and expertly fine-tuned by our engineers in Osaka, Japan to reproduce sound exactly as the mixing artist intended.

Elite VSX LX805 Internal Componentry 2000x2000
Elite VSX LX805 Internal Componentry Closeup 920x585

Precision connectivity

Transport yourself into the concert hall with precise audio reproduction through hardline cable (HDMI, RCA, Phono, and more) or one of the many streaming and smart home assistant platforms that come standard with this model.

Pioneer Streaming 2 2000x2000
Pioneer Streaming 2 1920x934

Stream however you like

The VSX-LX805 comes with built-in access to several streaming and smart home assistant platforms. Use Apple AirPlay, Google Home, Alexa, TIDAL, Pandora, Roon, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, Chromecast or Sonos to control and play whatever music you have. With this much access, you'll never run out of music.

Elite VSX LX805 Dirac 2000x2000
Elite VSX LX805 Dirac 2000x1333

Take the room out of the equation

Odd room shape? No problem. An included Dirac Live® premium license comes standard to help account for sound bouncing around any room, and an optional Bass Control upgrade is available for those who can’t get enough precision bass.

Elite VSX LX805 in Luxury Home Theater 2000x2000
Elite VSX LX805 in Luxury Home Theater 1920x934

Unprecedented detail, unparalleled depth

The studio-grade componentry and clean design for the Elite VSX-LX805 make for an ultra-realistic home theater experience.

VSX LX 305 505 IMAX 2000x2000
VSX LX 305 505 IMAX 1920x934

Theater-quality picture

Experience powerful 4K HDR images and sound with IMAX® digitally remastered content, just as the filmmaker intended. Pioneer Elite’s IMAX Enhanced Mode is meticulously optimized to play digitally remastered content to deliver the best viewing and listening experience on Earth.

Elite VSX LX805 Dolby Atmos 2000x2000
Elite VSX LX805 Dolby Atmos 1920x934

All Encompassing Sound

Just like your choice in content, you’ll never settle for less than exceptional with this AVR. With or without upfiring speakers, E-ARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) simplifies connectivity and supports the latest high-bitrate audio formats including Dolby Atmos®, DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS:X® and Dolby TrueHD. Say hello to lifelike, object-oriented sound in smooth, curving movements or realistic overhead height effects.

Pioneer 8k 2000x2000
Pioneer 8k 920x585

8K/4K Ultra HD capabilities

Live up to the potential of your high definition TV. Elevate your shows, games and films to the highest level with exceptional 8K/4K Ultra HD audio-video performance.

Elite VSX LX805 Internal Componentry 2000x2000
Elite VSX LX805 Internal Componentry 1920x934

Audiophile level detail for extraordinary performance

The Elite VSX-LX805 was custom engineered and vigorously tested by and for the most sophisticated consumers on the planet.

Elite VSX LX805 Racked in Dark Space 2000x2000
Elite VSX LX805 Racked in Dark Space 920x585

Phase control and lossless sound

Auto Phase Control Plus compensates for lag in low-frequency signals while two-channel Advanced Sound Retriever technology restores the output of compressed audio for lossless sound.

Elite VSX LX805 Home Theater System in Industrial Brick Loft Living Area 2000x2000
Elite VSX LX805 Home Theater System in Industrial Brick Loft Living Area 920x585

Clearer, stronger audio

Balanced XLR inputs and outputs deliver clearer, stronger audio reproduction while low impedance polymer capacitors reduce high frequency digital noise for an exacting performance. You’ll feel as though you’re sitting amidst the symphony.



7.2.4 (11 amplified)

Power Output

150W x 11 (8 ohms, 20 Hz-20kHz, 0.08% THD, 2-ch driven, FTC)

Amplifier Class

Class AB all new symmetric design

Audio Processing

Two precision 32-bit ESS ES9026PRO Hyperstream(R) audiophile DACs


7 In / 3 Out (eARC)

HDMI Capabilities

8K (inputs 1-6)
4K Ultra HD
HDMI 2.1
Dolby Vision



Audio Inputs

1 RCA Phono
3 Opt
2 Coax

Audio Outputs

15 preamp RCA
2 preamp XLR
Zone 2 Stereo RCA
Zone 3 Stereo RCA

Room Correction

Dirac Live Premium Version Included
Dirac Live Bass Control Single/Multi Sub Available via user upgrade

Surround Modes

Dolby Atmos
Dolby Surround
IMAX Enhanced
Auro-3D (FW update June 2023)


Roon Ready (FW update September 2023)
Amazon Music
DTS Play-fi

Sound Improvement Technologies

Auto Phase Control Plus
Advanced Sound Retriever
PQFA (Precision Quartz for File Audio) Jitterless Sound Processing for Network/USB


Spec Sheet

For more technical detail, download the Spec Sheet here: Elite VSX-LX805 Spec Sheet .

Firmware Updates