Pioneer A 10 AE Intro 1920x940
Pioneer A 10 AE Intro 1920x940

Pioneer through the ages

“We Know Audio.”

Building and repairing speakers in his garage, Nozumo Matsumoto founded Pioneer back in 1938. Today, Pioneer is a global leader in high-quality home audio solutions.

“The Pioneers of Hi-Fi.”

Pioneer has spent decades perfecting the ideal acoustic environment through AV receivers, stereo receivers, and other components so you experience movies, music, and games as though you’re in the sound editing booth with the engineers.

Pioneer is world-renowned for its long-standing commitment to innovation, aiding in the development of laserdisc players, car CD players, and high-definition television.

In 1987, Pioneer introduced the first Dolby Surround AV Receiver to consumers, bringing explosive sound into homes around the world.

In 2001, Pioneer created the first studio-grade receivers, giving birth to the Elite line of AV receivers geared for studio-grade, professional, and custom system builds.

In many ways, our corporate slogan says it all –

  • “Sound” not only indicates Pioneer’s very origin – the audio field – but also refers to our aim to resonate with customers.
  • “Vision” refers to the video business in which Pioneer maintains a leadership position with Blu-ray Disc technology and next generation plasma displays at the core. It also suggests the company’s clear commitment to the future and innovation.
  • “Soul” emphasizes Pioneer’s determination to raise entertainment to the level of pure emotion. Pioneer truly believes in the power of sound and vision to ‘move the heart and touch the soul.’